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Venture: Journey to Carpathia is a turn based strategy game where you compete for resources, points, and territory.


Carpathia is a brand new flourishing land that is ripe for a new civilization. The only problem is that your enemies have just arrived as well. Whose strategy will result in the necessary expansion needed to lay claim to the land? 
The Venture is on!

Website Launch and 2.3 Announcment

Tue Sep 22 2020

Hello Everyone!The team wanted to say thank you to all who joined us during PAX and we wanted to provide you with an update t...

JtC 2.2.0 Launch

Fri Sep 18 2020

Hello everyone! We just launched Venture: Journey to Carpathia V2.2.0 and would love for you to check it out. This version i...

Journey to PAX

Fri Sep 18 2020

Venture: Journey to Carpathia started out as a team project for school but evolved into a passion project that we are excited...



Play against your friends or join public games. Multiplayer will bring more of a competitive nature to the game.


Take to the seas, explore new islands, and expand your empire further than ever



Raise armed forces to battle your opponents and protect your land from invaders.


We want to improve the performance and visuals of the game through optimization of models, textures, and lighting.

Get The Game

We currently have a FREE single player Demo of the game

available for download on Itch.io. This Demo has our basic gameplay with base features. The purpose of this release is to generate some hype for the game as well as receive any and all feedback for future development.

Join our discord to leave feedback and/or be notified of

future updates.


We are currently working on the features listed in our roadmap shown above. When we are happy with a build including these new features we will be doing a full Steam release.


Demo Playthrough


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