JtC 2.2.0 Launch

September 18, 2020

Hello everyone! We just launched Venture: Journey to Carpathia V2.2.0 and would love for you to check it out.

This version is the final version for our PAX showcase and we've made some changes from our original 2.1 version. With the help of our partnered streamers, odinZAte, and yerbamateo, we have identified and found a few friction points for the player. 


The biggest update was smoothing out some of the AI's process. Previously it was possible for the AI to trap themselves as well as for them to snowball and become nearly unbeatable by the player. Due to some fancy coding from Josh, we have made the AI more competitive with the player while also not nerfing them into the ground. We hope to add difficulty selecting later, but in our developer testing, they feel in a good spot. Please let us know if you find them too easy or too challenging! 

User Interface

We noticed in the streams that both the players had a hard time having to click back and forth from the building menu to the market menu and remembering the resources needed for the next upgrade. Due to this, we have added a "Price List" menu to the market! This allows the player to go through the tabs and see the cost of every upgrade. In the future, we may add a "pinning" system to further refine this system.

The other major update to the UI is the added hex menu system. Our old linear menu system had no room for mechanic expansion and was unclear with the Venturer cost displayed over the button. The new Hex orientation is not only thematically pleasing, but also allows us to show some of the coming features and gives us a space to write in some added details to each button.






Written by

Grant Lewis